I recommend playing the game with 5-25 players for the maximum enjoyment.

The Mutation is a PvP gamemode in which all players are sent to a lobby, then an operator hits a button and the round begins, first all players are teleported into the selected arena.

Once in the arena a countdown starts and a certain amount of people are turned into 'Initial Mutants', these players have to hunt down and kill the Knights that have not been infected, when all the knights are dead the game ends and everyone is teleported back to the lobby.

The entire game is controlled automatically with only the need of one button press at the start of the game. This is down using hundreds of command blocks and a lot of redstone computing logic to make the game function flawlessly.

There are currently two arenas to play the game in:

- The first is a ruined settlement made to look destroyed while functioning as a very well balanced battlefield for the game. It consists of an outer wall and many beautiful buildings inside all hand built by us and all very well integrated into the gamemode to provide an arena where the Knight's will not be able to hide in small rooms and survive for extreme periods of time.

- The second is a small series of floating islands covered in trees to promote a more stealthy game style whilst still remaining fun and interesting. It contains a few buildings that can be defended and also some openings where battles can take place. The natural style of the floating islands makes it also very dangerous for the knights as they traverse between islands with the risk of falling to their demise.

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